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Make Your Channel Sales Team More Effective: 4 Benefits of Sales Enablement Tools

Modernizing The Sales Process

Enterprises rely on their sales teams to represent them in the marketplace and drive revenue. Whether your salespeople are a part of your organization or are third-party dealers, these teams are the face of your company to your customers. It only makes sense that your sales team should have the best technology possible at their fingertips to help them advance and close deals.

Too frequently, companies make massive investments in state-of-the-art marketing campaigns only to see their leads consistently stall at the one-yard line due to archaic sales processes. Outdated materials, inability to visually demonstrate benefits, and a “one-size fits all” approach can detract from the customer experience and spoil big purchases at the last minute.

If these issues sound all too familiar, read on.

A very effective way to quickly modernize the sales process is the introduction of advanced sales technology in the form of a Sales Enablement Tool. Using digital technologies to create the perfect custom fit for your organization, Sales Enablement Tools are built to enable your salespeople to always be able to advance a lead. These tools often take shape in the form of a mobile and/or tablet application for easy use in the field.

Here are four ways that Sales Enablement Tools can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

  1. Deliver the right content at the right time

Behind any Sales Enablement Tool is a powerful digital asset management system that delivers digital content like brochures, spec sheets, and customer info instantly. You can’t have your sales reps digging through file cabinets looking for the right collateral while the customer waits and hesitation begins to set in. A Sales Enablement Tool – usually in the form of a mobile or tablet app – allows your reps to quickly find the right content using cloud-based technology. It’s like having an always up-to-date, easily searchable library available at all times. Not to mention, moving your assets to digital can save you enough in print costs so that a Sales Enablement Tool will pay for itself in the course of just a few years.

  1. To customize is to modernize

Today’s customers can come to you at any point in the buyer’s journey. Perhaps they’re only generally aware of your company and its offerings; maybe they are already comparing your products to the competitions’; or they could be ready to purchase. Good Sales Enablement Tools are highly customizable to allow your sales reps to always have the ability to advance the sale.

Custom features can be added to any sales tool build to account for special considerations. A few examples include:

  • Offline mode: great for sales reps who frequently meet with customers in areas with questionable Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Product comparison calculators: showcase the best features of your products as compared to the competition.
  • Product configurators: an unmatched resource for visually demonstrating products with many possible configurations.

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  1. Guarantee consistent brand messaging

Your sales operations may span multiple locations, cities, countries, or even continents, but every last representative still needs to be working from the same playbook. That can’t be achieved with thumb drives and late night trips to the UPS store. A Sales Enablement Tool powered by a digital asset management system (DAM) can help your organization move beyond the “accordion-file” mindset.

For the enterprise-level channel sales team, DAM systems ensure that each rep has all of the latest information. Cloud-based DAM offers both centralized management of and expanded access to all of your media. Efficiency improves and field personnel become more effective.

With the transition to digital files, enterprises are better able to store, organize, retrieve, and share mission critical information. The sales cycle gets shorter because sales people spend less time retrieving data. Once they adopt the new system, the latest data is at their fingertips at all times. Real-time access to product specs, financing options, and pricing promotions can make the difference at the point of sale.

  1. Streamline sales rep training

The internet can now bypass much of the early sales cycle. By the time a prospect reaches a sales person, they have often already learned about you, your product, and your competition. This puts particular pressure on newer team members to learn products faster, maintain a consistent message, and move the sale forward.

In today’s digital world, first contact is less likely to be an exploratory meeting. Instead, new reps often confront complex custom requests, detailed questions about product specifications, and even the need for troubleshooting equipment on site. Your newer team members can rely on your Sales Enablement Tool to reinforce training materials and give them instant access to information already on the tip of a more experienced sales person’s tongue.

Not all of your sales personnel bring the same level of skill or amount of relevant experience to the job. With the traditional black line between marketing and sales increasingly a thing of the past, protracted learning curves for new sales professionals can delay or even derail sales—making fast, effective training critical to your business.

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Embracing Sales Enablement Technology

Today, real-time technology accelerates the flow of information and impacts every relationship. Successful organizations need the ability to always access up-to-date product data, use digital innovations to demonstrate value to their customers, and be in lock step with broader marketing strategy.

A custom-built Sales Enablement Tool modernizes the sales experience for your customers, from browsing to product comparison to purchasing. Meanwhile, it makes organization and communicating value easier than ever for your sales team. We’ll put it this way – we haven’t yet worked with a company that regretted their Sales Enablement Tool.