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What makes Sales Enablement Software a great investment?

Recently, BAM! was named the easiest sales enablement software to use by G2 crowd. Real users from many organizations use BAM! to supercharge their sales efforts and find success. Knowing this, the question becomes: what makes sales enablement software a great investment? How do you know that sales enablement software will increase sales and how do you choose the right solution? In this post, we’ll cover some of the features of great sales enablement software and explain how these features can help your sales team.

Digital Asset Management

Digital assets are at the core of the sales process for most companies. This makes digital asset management more important than ever. When you choose the right digital asset management solution, you gain control of everything that your organization publishes, who sees it and when.

News Feed and Featured Content

Having a news feed as part of your sales enablement software solution allows you to publish press releases and other essential news items so your entire team is kept in the know about important developments. When you pair this with a featured content option, you can “pin” specific updates to the homepage of your mobile sales tool. This way, your entire team gets the same message and stays up-to-date on critical information.

Mobile App

Say goodbye to the days of missing company assets and low productivity. Having a cross-platform mobile sales enablement app is a game changer. It gives your entire team access to company assets when they need them. Using a mobile app, your sales reps will have the information they need and the powerful tools the software provides to make more sales at their fingertips.


Analytics play a big role in helping companies grow. With access to analytics, you’ll get insights and a deeper understanding of the tools and assets that are helping your team to succeed. This makes it simple for your team to implement more of what works, and scale back on activities that aren’t driving ROI.

Customer Profiles

Staying organized and focusing on the customer are both keys to success in sales. Creating customer profiles puts you on the fast track to increase ROI. When you create and maintain detailed customer profiles, your team can be more effective in following up on both leads and current customer needs.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this post gives you more insight into what makes sales enablement software a great investment and how that can impact your business. All of these features (and more) are built into BAM! because we know how much work goes into making the sale. Features like the ones we’ve mentioned here make this process easier and set sales reps up for success.

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Did you see a feature that you think would have a big impact on your organization’s sales process? Let us know in the comments below.