Mobile sales tools

Mobile Sales Enablement App

Mobile sales enablement describes a software platform that streamlines and organizes digital or sales media assets. For B2B manufacturers, BAM! is the exclusive mobile-first SAAS sales enablement platform.

Sales Enablement Content Management

Our mobile sales enablement app is the product of extensive research, testing, and development. We offer manufacturers convenient and efficient ways to standardize and disseminate digital assets for instant use on the tradeshow floor and across their dealer network. This platform consists of an array of WYSIWYG builder modules that enable equipment manufacturer marketing teams to develop virtual showrooms featuring product comparisons, interactive product demonstrations, and custom calculators.

Simplify Your Selling

BAM! enables you to keep your mobile sales team up to date – regardless of their location – with the latest marketing assets. Put your complete product catalog at the fingertips of your dealer. You can give your sales reps a sell-by-numbers system and accelerate your marketing, sales, and sales enablement. Our sales enablement application flows seamlessly with your existing workflow without the need for IT.

Keep Your Team Up to Date

You can ensure your marketing materials, entire product catalog, and pricing sheets are updated instantly through customizable news updates. With this updating system, your team will always have updated products and pricing info.

Demo and Compare Products Easier

Provide your team with the ability to present interactive demonstrations of products to your customers, even from a remote location. Sales teams can produce comparisons of your products and their features with others side-by-side in order to demonstrate unique selling propositions and benefits.

Get Your Android or iPad Sales Enablement App

To learn more about the mobile sales enablement app we offer for manufacturers, leave us a message through our contact form.