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Pop Art Recognized as a Best Place to Work in Oregon

Each year, Oregon Business Magazine ranks the top 100 companies to work for in Oregon in three headcount-sized categories – small (15 to 34 employees), medium (35 to 99 employees) and large (100 or more employees).

Using various measures including the quality of its leadership team, company culture, office environment, work life balance, benefits and perks, the annual survey collects employee feedback anonymously in an attempt to accurately answer the question: “which 100 companies in Oregon do their employees most love working for?”

With a total score of 608.10, this year Pop Art ranks #30 in the small business category, but the score is the highest in any category for software development. Pop Art is the highest scoring software development company of ANY size to work for in the state of Oregon.

To make it a great place to work, the company offers an excellent choice of health plans and health coverage, flexible hours, and the opportunity to work part time, if desired.

It isn’t just about flexibility and great benefits, however. A few findings from Pop Art employee feedback in the 2019 rankings:

“Everyone has a voice” is how one staffer sums up the democratic culture at this Portland tech firm.

A lack of micromanaging is a big plus.

“I’m given freedom to explore solutions to problems and drive changes.”

The focus on work-life balance has broad appeal among staff. Ping pong tournaments add to the fun.

Because the feedback is anonymous, the survey is hard to cheat, much like Glassdoor rankings.

As with Glassdoor, there is not much you can do to tip the scale in your favor with the 100 Best rankings, other than hiring well and doing your very best at running your company so that your team loves being there day in and day out.

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Pop Art is Hiring!

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