Mobile sales tools

Pop Art announces the launch of BAM! Sales Enablement Platform


Want to improve the experience that potential customers have when they visit your trade show booth? Mobile apps can help you create a strong foundation for delivering a great in-booth experience. These apps also give your sales teams the tools they need to connect with more leads and drive results faster. In this post, we’ll give you a crash course on how mobile apps can make your booth better and walk you through steps to improve trade show marketing.


Why Invest in a Mobile App?

Only 34% of trade show attendees say they are very satisfied with their experience at exhibitions they visit. If your booth looks great but isn’t built with the customer experience in mind, it can quickly fall flat. A mobile app allows you to quickly deliver the right content at the right time. This is a game changer when we’re looking at trade show marketing. Using a mobile app, your sales team can walk potential customers through an interactive, custom experience. That enables sales teams to engage with leads in a new way and close more deals.


What Features Can Help Businesses Improve Trade Show Marketing?

While it’s clear that a mobile app can boost your marketing efforts, it’s really important to consider how your team can best utilize this tool. Now that we’ve covered the basics on how a mobile app can improve trade show marketing, let’s take a closer look at some features that can supercharge your ROI.


Product Explorers

BAM!’s mobile sales tool allows your team to easily build visual product or content walkthroughs. You also can add hotspots linking to assets like spec sheets, maps, and videos to beautifully demo product features and benefits. This way, potential customers can get all the information they need, along with the ability to have access to powerful assets that enhance the experience.


Custom Experiences

With so many exhibits at every trade show, it can be hard to stand out. The good news? Using a mobile app, you can empower your sales team to create and show off custom experiences for leads. You can also use these tools to clarify your USP and highlight the benefits that you offer over your competitors. When you understand your audience and have the ability to create content tailor-made for them, you get the chance to leverage your strengths and what makes your offering special.


Customer Profiles

51% of trade show attendees request that a sales representative visit their company after the show. Is your sales team prepared to follow up with every new lead? Mobile apps can help you create and manage customer profiles, so that your team can keep track of new leads. Using this system, you can be sure that leads don’t slip through the cracks.


Wrapping Up

Ready to improve your trade show marketing with a mobile app? Click here to find out more about BAM! And discover other features to take your trade show booth to the next level. For more insights on sales enablement, marketing, and technology, visit our blog.