Mobile sales tools

Mobile Sales App for iPad and Android

Field sales are significantly enhanced through marketing and sales materials such as interactive product visualizations, videos, photos, PDF documents, presentations, finance and ROI calculators, and more. Mobile sales enablement software allows you to streamline and organize digital or sales media assets in the cloud with great efficiency. Your sales reps can access these assets quickly for increased productivity and results. We offer a highly efficient and easy-to-use mobile sales application that keeps you in control of all content published by your team and how that content is distributed to various team members.

Our Mobile Sales App

With our cross-platform Android and iOS apps, your team has the assets they need at the tip of a finger. Your sales representatives can use our app to share assets with prospective customers and track through our Salesforce integration. With content available for delivery on each sales rep’s device, including sales playbooks, product catalog, mobile selling tools, and guided training, you can be sure each rep can receive the necessary content he or she needs at all times.

The platform allows your team to access vital sales tools, regardless of location, with a mobile phone or tablet. The platform operates through a cloud-based storage system for maximum availability and accessibility. It also includes an offline mode that allows you to download assets through a Wi-Fi connection which may be stored for retrieval off-line at a later time even with no Internet connection.

You can get your own branded mobile app for sales in the Google Play or App Store with custom logos, colors, and more. Give your team a custom app that represents your organization and brand well.

Mobile Sales App Benefits

There are a number of benefits to using mobile apps for sales reps. They offer consistency for a brand, help sales reps in their conversations with customers, and reduce the time the marketing team requires to turn over digital assets. A mobile business sales app can help your sales team get organized, enabling them to concentrate more on selling rather than preparation. Administration personnel can use the mobile sales rep software app to access sales tools such as PowerPoint slides, templates, and more, and share them with customers and prospects, and anyone else in the sales channel at the same time.

As a result, OEM sales reps gain much more selling time, increasing the productivity of your channel sales force. Our app for sales reps can significantly enhance the ability of your team to meet and exceed their sales goals.

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