Mobile sales tools

Now Available: User-Generated Content

As the Pop Art team gathered the initial requirements for what we wanted to see in BAM!, one feature that came up again and again in our discussions was User-Generated Content (UGC). 

What’s UGC? 

It’s a way for MST users in the field to upload images and videos to BAM! UGC is a great way for your remote sales team to provide these assets to your product and marketing teams for many purposes, including:

  • Sharing pictures and videos of your company’s products in action at a customer’s site.
  • Uploading site pictures to the product team for help in configuring the solution for a customer’s needs.
  • Increasing adoption of BAM! by holding a contest or scavenger hunt.
  • Using images and videos to assist factory technicians with troubleshooting problems in the field.
  • Capturing video testimonials and customer interviews to provide new marketing content.

UGC is now available for all BAM! customers, and like the rest of the product, it’s easy to use for both the mobile users and the back office folks. To get started, log in to the BAM! Digital Asset Manager as an admin and go to settings. Select the option to enable UGC and select the groups you wish to grant access.

Once that’s done, your mobile users will see a new menu option for UGC. They can select images from their mobile devices, then add metadata like title, description, and tags.

Once the image is uploaded, the DAM admins can review it in the new UGC folder in the left navigation menu.

Because it’s important that the assets shared by your teams all reflect the message of the company, uploaded assets need to be reviewed by an editor prior to being published. This ensures the assets seen by customers are the ones you want them to see.

We’re excited to see how you use this new functionality. We have heard a lot of great ideas from our customers, and can’t wait to hear YOUR feedback now that we have released it. 

If you would like to see UGC in action, contact us for a demo