Mobile sales tools

Frequently Asked Questions

At its simplest, Dealer Sales Enablement is a tool for the dealer and distributor sales (direct sales as well!) and marketing teams to provide compelling, informative, and timely information about products and services. Think of it as your catalog, brochures, pricing sheets, product specs, ordering info, and more, all searchable and shareable from most mobile devices.

There are two main parts of the BAM! solution: A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and the Mobile Sales Tool (MST). There are also a number of optional “Builders,” which are easy-to use content creation tools. The DAM is a cloud-based application used for uploading, storing, and publishing all of the materials a product and sales organization might need: images, PDF brochures, pricing spreadsheets, videos, specifications, presentations, CAD drawings, and anything else that might help educate the customer on your products and services. Once an asset is in the DAM, users may set permissions, organize assets into groups, update them with new information, and publish them to endpoints like the MST, websites, social media, and more. The MST is an application available in the Apple and Android app store, and works on both phones and tablets. It downloads content from the DAM and keeps it up-to-date, so a sales rep never needs to worry that the information he/she is presenting is out of date or inaccurate. Anything uploaded to the DAM may be published to the MST, where it can be displayed on the device, shared with a customer, or downloaded to use later.

We have found that with many SaaS companies, their interest in customers often stops after a credit card number is entered in an order form. That’s when Pop Art is just getting started. Our customer success team is committed to working with each of our customers to ensure they get the most out of their BAM! instance, from initial setup to driving adoption across the whole organization. We know our product, but we don’t know you… yet. So we’ll assign a dedicated account manager to help coordinate implementation and deployment, and provide expert assistance at every step along the way.

We license BAM! on a per-instance basis. Let your whole sales team download the MST app and start using the latest and best content you have available without the headaches of per seat licensing. We do offer different tiers of service, depending on how much data you use and which features you want. We also offer easy-to-use content Builders as individual modules, so you don’t pay for features you don’t need.

At Pop Art, we have been building custom Sales Enablement
applications for almost 20 years. Our customers manufacture and sell things like heavy mining equipment, long-haul trucks, and electronic components. These are complicated products to build and sell, and aren’t the kind of thing you’ll find listed in an online store. Instead, these companies rely on sales teams to help customers find the right solution and customize it for exactly their application. BAM! is the result of thousands of hours of research and development. We have worked side-by-side with marketing and product managers, rode along on more sales calls (and drank more truck stop coffee) than we can count, and listened to what prospects and customers have to say about what they’re looking for when a sales rep shows up at their offices. All of that experience has led to a powerful, beautiful, and easy-to-use solution that improves the whole sales process.

Once you are using BAM!, you can count on our own responsive support staff to help keep things running smoothly. Support is just a click away and your success is our priority. We offer unlimited support if you have any issues or questions. And we can work with you on a more hands-on basis if you need personalized training on site or custom set-up. But before any of that happens, we need to hear from you!