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Clutch Recognizes Pop Art as a Top Company in Mobile App Dev, Custom Software Dev, and Digital Strategy

With twenty years of experience working with enterprise manufacturers, Pop Art continuously looks for new ways to move the needle and leverage the latest technology. In a fast-moving industry, it is essential to have a team that is innovative, driven, and dedicated to the success of its clients.

Aside from having an outstanding team, we are fortunate to work with visionary clients.

Clutch.co, a B2B market research firm, releases an annual report on the top companies in various technology industries. We are excited to announce that Pop Art has been featured as a top firm in the following three categories for Portland:

Clutch uses data, market research, and in-depth client reviews to vet the companies on their site. In the digital strategy segment alone, there are 78 firms, and Pop Art ranks as the 5th best digital strategy firm. Pop Art also reached 4th position in mobile app development and among the top 10 custom software development companies.

To be identified as a leader in these competitive segments, Pop Art exhibited strong performance according to a set of twelve quantitative and qualitative criteria, including quality of work and thought leadership in the industry.

In addition to evaluating us on these factors, client feedback is highly prioritized in Clutch’s research methodology. We want to provide the best possible solutions to our customers, and we’re grateful to those of our clients who have taken the time to engage with Clutch, and highlight the significant results they’ve seen for their businesses through their partnership with Pop Art.

In the area of mobile app development, Pop Art worked with the Lottery to create a game app. The app gained notable recognition, and the client was expressed satisfaction with the outcome, and most notably commented:

“They respond creatively to challenges.”

Additionally, as part of a custom software development project for a publishing company, Pop Art created a custom e-commerce website. The client was impressed by our technical breadth, and noted our ability:

“to cross over from being experts on the usability and marketing side.”

Our client feedback shows that one of our significant strengths is our ability to inform our products with a blend of marketing and technology expertise, enabling us to stand out and excel in a highly competitive marketplace.

Clutch has showcased our work and we are hopeful that the reviews leading to this recognition will put us in an even better position to work with new businesses who don’t just want cookie-cutter solutions, but rather innovative ideas and programs that will put them on top of their industries.