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Clutch.co Recognizes Pop Art as 2018 Top U.S. Mobile App Developer

Inefficiencies aren’t obstacles, they’re opportunities. This perspective informs our mission.

As a leading mobile application developer, Pop Art seeks to find solutions for our client’s biggest and toughest problems. One of the solutions we offer is mobile app development, both natively on iOS and Android, and cross-platform. Our preferred tools of the trade are React and React Native.

Mobile application development has experienced an explosion of freelancers and programmers, as the potential devices only continues to expand. There are more than 30 thousand new apps submitted to the iTunes App store each month. Apps are more than just for games and social media and they are on multiple platforms. They are being used by top companies around the globe to solve complex business problems and different development platforms.

Clutch.co is a B2B ratings and reviews platform and a third-party reviewer of companies in technology, including mobile app development. Client reviews help  buyers narrow their search and create a shortlist of mobile developers. These are often the cross platform developers who are the most agile, potent, and innovative – and build popular mobile apps. Given the number of software development companies listed on Clutch, it’s clear that competition s fierce. This is all the more reason for Pop Art to be proud of our most recent recognition by Clutch. In their 2018 annual report highlighting the top performing mobile app developers, Pop Art is listed among the leading companies.

It is truly an honor to receive an award that distinguishes us in the market. We particularly appreciate an award that is based on feedback from our clients. Our customers feel strongly enough about the quality of our development skills and development team to provide comprehensive reviews. These reviews help us to reinforce to prospects that we truly are the go to developer for their business challenge.

“Pop Art is very good at suggesting and implementing interesting solutions.” – IT Business Systems Analyst, Automotive Company

Commenting on the leading mobile app development companies featured, a Clutch Analyst made the following observation. “It’s exciting to see the app development space evolve and innovative work that companies are producing now. These leading developers go above and beyond to meet their clients’ goals. They deliver not only functional but also highly creative mobile applications.”

Apps need to immediately catch the consumer’s eye and attention. About 50% of mobile app users admit to deleting an app within the past week. This statistic shows that it’s essential to check all of the boxes: engaging and intuitive user experience, creative, highly functional. We ensure that our team meets all of the criteria in a way that is efficient and enjoyable for our partners. We are interested to see how this industry evolves and we will continue to be a driver of innovation and change.

Thank you to Clutch for continuing to help us make notable strides. It isn’t just the apps themselves, but the mobile platform selections, development process, and programming language capabilities that define success.

We are looking forward to raising our game and continuing to earn rave reviews from our clients in 2019.