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Why Choose BAM!? 3 Key Takeaways From the G2 Crowd Relationship Index

When you’re in the market for a new sales enablement automation solution, you’re more likely to purchase business software if you have access to unbiased product reviews. As a savvy buyer, you also know that your relationship with the vendor is just as important as the product itself. To get well-rounded and informed reviews for a business solution, buyers go to G2 Crowd, a leading business solution review platform that engages software users to provide detailed product reviews for B2B software and services. Using G2 Crowd, dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can streamline the decision-making process by directly comparing software solutions according to their relationship scores on the Sales Enablement Relationship Index.

After our successful market launch in Q4 2018, we were excited to announce that BAM! was identified as a G2 Crowd High Performer for Winter 2019. BAM! scored an 8.69 out of 10 on the overall Sales Enablement Relationship Index. A product’s Relationship score is formulated using G2 Crowd’s proprietary algorithm, which factors in user satisfaction ratings for a variety of questions related to vendor and buyer relationships.

Based on reviews by G2 Crowd users, the following factors contribute to the overall Relationship score (in order of priority):

  • Customers’ reported ease of doing business with the vendor
  • Customers’ satisfaction with the product’s quality of support
  • Customers’ likelihood to recommend each product
  • The number of reviews received

Based on our Relationship scores, BAM! is now an award-winning mobile sales app and marketing content hub for OEMs and dealers. Here are our 3 takeaways from the G2 Crowd Relationship Index report.

Our Customers Love BAM!

Our customers love BAM! As a Sales Enablement Solution, BAM! was awarded multiple badges in the following categories based on G2 Crowd reviews:

  • Easiest Setup
  • Easiest to Use
  • Easiest Admin
  • Best Support
  • Easiest to Do Business With

According to the G2 Crowd Relationship Index report, customers using and reviewing the BAM! Sales Enablement Solution gave us a perfect 100% score for:

  • Ease of Doing Business With
  • Quality of Support
  • Likelihood to Recommend to Others

Receiving accolades for “Easiest Set Up” and “Easiest to Use” is exciting. It validates our strategy to consistently prioritize usability experience design and customer needs.

Towards the end of 2018, significant upgrades were made to the user experience for the Mobile Sales app. Updates were made to the Product Explorer, Product Comparisons, and Visual Navigator features within the Product Builders tool to improve the versatility and customizability of the tools for users, who can now create product demos and virtual tours within the app.

The BAM! team was amazing to work with. Very responsive and helpful. They listened to our needs and built a great product that continues to get better.”

– Erin A.

BAM! Prioritizes Your Needs

One hundred percent of G2 Crowd reviewers rated BAM! as easy to do business with.

BAM! utilizes customer characteristics and input to decide which features and upgrades to prioritize for product improvement. We filled a need in the market by offering a solution that integrates Digital Asset Management (DAM) and mobile sales solutions in one mobile sales app. Based on our customer profiles, BAM! now also includes heavy equipment manufacturing-focused features such as customizable cost calculators and product comparison tools that make product pitches and negotiations impactful and effective. We are so tuned in to our customers’ needs that sometimes they feel as if we can read their minds:

“The interface is really intuitive, and the BAM! team was fantastic to work with every time I had a question. It’s like they designed it with my needs in mind–every time I wondered to myself, “Hmm, what if I could…” then BAM! The functionality was there. It really is the complete package.”

– Allison H.

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Based on input from G2 Crowd reviewers, BAM! was awarded a badge for Best Support. Our customers feel comfortable giving us critical feedback, and when you talk, we listen:

“As I was using the application there were a couple of areas where I felt that a slight improvement of user experience and navigation would be nice. The best part was that not only is there an easy process for providing feedback, the suggestions were acknowledged and responded to. Also, it was great to see that the suggestions were actually made to the BAM! platform within just a few weeks. It has been refreshing to work with a team that is responsive and receptive.”

– Administrator

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BAM! continuously adapts our business strategy to support your sales and marketing needs by incorporates customer feedback, ideas, and advice into our product roadmap. We believe our willingness to listen and implement customer feedback is what sets us apart from our competitors. In fact, 100% of G2 Crowd reviewers responded that they would be likely to recommend BAM! to others.

Our customers love BAM! Our mobile sales app is the easiest to use because we prioritize user experience and provide excellent support. Take it from our customers — BAM! is a “great asset management tool that is only going to get better”…

Truly, I love what BAM! has to offer, and if you get in touch with the team and hear about all the amazing updates they’re bringing on in the next month or two, you’ll hit the request a demo button right now.”

– Katherine B.

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Visit the G2 Crowd Grid for Sales Enablement or get the full Relationship Index report to see how real users compare BAM! with more established, more expensive and less feature-rich Sales Enablement offerings.      

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