How to Increase Dealer Engagement Part 1 – Brand and Dealer Alignment

“2020 is the year of the distributor, the year of the dealer, the year of engagement.”  – ancient Chinese Proverb  The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.  And we certainly face some unusual challenges and uncertainties this year.  One set that persists for equipment manufacturers is how to engage their dealers. How to increase […]

Can Digital Tools Help to Align OEM’s and Dealers?

After a product leaves our door, the dealers take over. They are the ones on the front line. They’re the ones who live with a product for its lifetime. They’re the ones the customers see. Although we offer financing and insurance, they arrange those deals for the customers. They’re out there making sure that when […]

4 Ways Mobile Sales Tools Can Increase Customer Engagement

“You will never see eye-to-eye if you never meet face-to-face.” – Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Tools that make your business relationships stronger In sales, in order to increase customer engagement account reps have traditionally relied on face to face communications. Sales people have met with prospects and customers in person to build long-term relationships. Unfortunately, reps cannot easily […]

4 Ways to Get Positive ROI from a Mobile Sales Tool

Getting Started with Sales Enablement If you’re in the market for a mobile sales tool, you may have noticed that any good solution includes a mobile sales app. This brings sales and marketing closer. This technology has the potential to simplify how things are done, save time, and make selling a lot easier. Still, it takes time […]

What is a Mobile Sales Tool?

Plenty of companies are throwing around terms like “mobile sales tool” and “mobile sales app” like everyone has a shared definition of these terms.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a common, shared definition. Let’s fix that.   What is a mobile sales tool? For many years, the tools of a sales person were things like: Rolodex  Phone […]

Four simple ways to eradicate the runaway costs of producing marketing collateral.

There are four simple ways to lower costs of marketing collateral.  What if you could cut YOUR printed content budget by 25%?  How about 50% – or more? That could be a lot of cheddar. So why don’t people do it? Organizational inertia, maybe. Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Lack of knowhow. Perhaps all of those.  Well, […]

How a Mobile Sales App Improves Efficiency For OEM Channel Sales Reps

A top priority for manufacturers is improving sales efficiency (reducing wasted time, such as on low-value activities like admin) because an efficient sales force increases the number of successful deals made.  However, time inefficiency has been and remains a major roadblock for sales teams.  In fact, studies indicate that salespeople only spend around 34 percent […]

An end to the “file wars?” Two solutions.

Sales Rep Software Desktop

  Have a plan to stop the “file wars” Digital Asset Management (DAM) software offers many benefits!  The most visible business impact comes when digital assets are efficiently organized, stored, and optimized for secure and easy retrieval. In order to recognize these benefits, it is vital to invest an appropriate amount of time in planning […]

3 Ways You Know When it’s Time for Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management and app

If your marketing department relies on traditional asset management tools, chances are it’s costing you time, money, and sales. In an office environment, employees spend, on average, 25% of their time dealing with content. Personnel work longer and harder to keep track of your presentations, data sheets, case studies, and social media interactions; not to mention exorbitant […]

Pop Art announces the launch of BAM! Sales Enablement Platform

  Want to improve the experience that potential customers have when they visit your trade show booth? Mobile apps can help you create a strong foundation for delivering a great in-booth experience. These apps also give your sales teams the tools they need to connect with more leads and drive results faster. In this post, […]

Why Sales Productivity is Low and What to Do About It

How much of their time do your sales reps spend selling each week, on average? Surprisingly, in most organizations, sales reps spend more, MUCH more, of their time on activities other than selling. In fact, across all industries sales people only spend  34% of their time selling. Why exactly is this happening, and what can be […]

Bite-size guide: Capturing Leads at Trade Shows & Making the Sale

Every sales and marketing professional knows the importance of capturing leads at trade shows in real time. While most organizations do some sort of data capture, 45% don’t track the progress of these leads through the sales cycle. Here’s the bigger problem: lead collection and following them through the sales cycle are two processes that go […]

How to Improve Trade Show Marketing With Mobile Apps

Want to improve the experience that potential customers have when they visit your trade show booth? Mobile apps can help you create a strong foundation for delivering a great in-booth experience. These apps also give your sales teams the tools they need to connect with more leads and drive results faster. In this post, we’ll […]

Is your Sales Software working for you?

One thing is clear: there are a lot of sales software options available. However, these solutions aren’t created equal. Beyond technical aspects and basic features, there are things that can take sales software from good to great. Is your sales software working for you? Keep reading to discover things that we think your organization should […]

What makes Sales Enablement Software a great investment?

Recently, BAM! was named the easiest sales enablement software to use by G2 crowd. Real users from many organizations use BAM! to supercharge their sales efforts and find success. Knowing this, the question becomes: what makes sales enablement software a great investment? How do you know that sales enablement software will increase sales and how […]

Pop Art Recognized as a Best Place to Work in Oregon

Each year, Oregon Business Magazine ranks the top 100 companies to work for in Oregon in three headcount-sized categories – small (15 to 34 employees), medium (35 to 99 employees) and large (100 or more employees). Using various measures including the quality of its leadership team, company culture, office environment, work life balance, benefits and […]

Why Choose BAM!? 3 Key Takeaways From the G2 Crowd Relationship Index

When you’re in the market for a new sales enablement automation solution, you’re more likely to purchase business software if you have access to unbiased product reviews. As a savvy buyer, you also know that your relationship with the vendor is just as important as the product itself. To get well-rounded and informed reviews for […]

BAM! Devs Offer Guidance, Student Engagement

The BAM! development team at Pop Art are passionate about helping up and coming coders learn the skills needed to enter the world of software development and offered some wide-ranging advice to students looking to build a career in this field. Pick a stack (a set of technologies and tools used to create and run […]