Stay Ahead of the Competition – 4 Key Metrics for Dealer Sales Enablement

Manufacturers want to leave their competition in the dust.  To make that happen requires gaining market share. More sales. Growth in your dealer network, gains in its effectiveness. Based on our direct experience working with manufacturers and building sales tools to enable their dealer channel, we have dialed in four metrics that can help you […]

Pop Art Named A Top 2019 Developer in Portland On Clutch

Think about today’s world without mobile applications, that is hard to imagine, right?  Consumers use mobile apps as a way to get information quickly and with the correct user experience, mobile apps can often be more efficient than using a web browser.  At Pop Art, our team of professionals understand how to create user friendly […]

What’s a Sales Enablement Solution, and Why Should I Care?

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” -William Gibson One of the biggest challenges of my career has been in helping companies adapt to technology while preserving the human contact and personal relationships upon which they built their business. It’s the message of thousands of books on sales and marketing, […]

5 Reasons We Like React / React Native

Why React / React Native? In evaluating technology platforms, we ask ourselves 5 questions: What is our level of experience / capability with the technology? What is the cost of building in the technology relative to other technologies? What is the cost of maintaining in the technology relative to other technologies? What is the projected […]

Right to Repair a Key Issue for Equipment Manufacturers and Dealers

Manufacturers, dealers, and their end customers share a key goal as it relates to their machinery: making sure that it functions to high standards and that repair and maintenance can be performed safely and efficiently, with a minimum of downtown for operators. However, the issue is one of increasing complexity and polarization. It’s easy to […]

Visit Pop Art at Booth 1330 at the AED Summit January 15-19

  The AED Summit is the industry’s leading event for dealers, manufacturers and service providers focused on the construction equipment industry. The latest products and services for the industry will be on display by OEMs and service providers focused on the needs of dealers in today’s marketplace. The education offered will not be available anywhere […]

Training Faster, Selling Smarter: Bridging the OEM/Dealer Divide with Digital Tools

  January 16, 2018, 1:00 to 2:15 P.M. – Mirage Hotel and Casino (Room: Antigua A) If you work in sales or marketing in the heavy equipment industry, you’ve experienced the disconnect between OEM and channel sales. OEM marketing and sales staff are inundated with requests for material and information, with a restricted view of what […]

Pop Art Listed as a Top Software Development Company by Clutch

Mobile app development

Clutch recently announced the leading developers in the Pacific Northwest and we are proud to announce that Pop Art is listed as one of the top software developers in Portland. Clutch is a B2B market research firm that identifies leading technology companies based on a unique rating methodology. Their methodology incorporates a variety of factors, […]

Digital Technology in the Industrial World

Each year, digital technology has a greater impact on the industrial world. Perceptions from industry leaders across manufacturing, processing, oil and gas, mining, and power generation, to name a few, are transforming quickly. The recent release of the Smart Industry State of Initiative report is a testament to this – several different metrics show that […]

6 Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile applications are a big undertaking, especially for companies that are new to the world of app development. Large price tags and high levels of uncertainty – a bad combination for any business venture. For inexperienced companies, mobile app development can often become bloated, with the final cost greatly exceeding the original budget, to the […]

Designing the Mobile User Experience

As a digital designer today, we not only deal with visual aspects of our projects, but also with things like basic architecture of information, mapping logical user flows, enhancing speed performance, and integrating 3rd-party components. In other words, we’re not just visual designers a là carte—we’re more like three-course problem solvers with an extra order […]

5 Things That Can Make or Break Your Mobile App

With literally millions of native mobile apps out in the world today, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd—and an especially daunting task for smaller brands to rank among those top featured apps. But don’t be disheartened, because if you put the right effort and resources behind your product, it will show. Keep […]

Book Marketing Done Right

Writing is one of those professions that people tend to glamorize. One expects writers to be guzzling scotch by the bottle, working exclusively at night, and taking long, lonely walks down deserted, cold New England beaches in a wool sweater. Or perhaps sipping on a rum drink in some Havana hotel bar in front of […]

An Agency Education: Tips for a Career in the Agency World

Working at an agency offers unique opportunities for learning and growth. More so than at a product company, you’re usually working on multiple projects at any given time. While I’ve been working on a constantly improving client product for multiple years, often times project duration is shorter in an agency: weeks or months, but seldom […]

Market Research: Easier than Ever

As I work my way through PSU’s part-time MBA program, I’m exposed to all manner of new ideas; many of which are good. Like most good ideas, they seem obvious after you’ve heard them. One such idea I’ve been exposed to is netnography. Netnography is a branch of ethnography that leverages the power of the […]

Virtual Interactivity and Dunbar’s Number

In interactive marketing, it is vital not only that your company’s message reaches its intended audience, but truly engages it as well. Recently, I came across a New Yorker article entitled “The Limits of Friendship,” by Maria Konnikova. In short, the article suggests that in an age influenced by rapidly expanding social media, we as […]

Pizza Hut and The Selfie-Stick Agenda

I eat Pizza Hut more often than any self-respecting New Seasons customer has the right to. Not because Pizza Hut is particularly good (though one could argue any food item based on the principle that melted cheese is delicious is always some level of good), but because it is fast and cheap, and thus allows […]

Good UX is Good SEO

Search engine updates over the past five years have made finding high quality information easier and faster than ever before; but as the search engines continue to evolve, so must your website. Depending on what the purpose of your website is, ranking highly in search engine results is somewhere between moderately important and absolutely vital […]