Recognizes Pop Art as 2018 Top U.S. Mobile App Developer

Inefficiencies aren’t obstacles, they’re opportunities. This perspective informs our mission. As a leading mobile application developer, Pop Art seeks to find solutions for our client’s biggest and toughest problems. One of the solutions we offer is mobile app development, both natively on iOS and Android, and cross-platform. Our preferred tools of the trade are React […]

6 Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile applications are a big undertaking, especially for companies that are new to the world of app development. Large price tags and high levels of uncertainty – a bad combination for any business venture. For inexperienced companies, mobile app development can often become bloated, with the final cost greatly exceeding the original budget, to the […]

Hybrid Mobile Applications: Is Webview or Native Right For Me?

An Introduction to Hybrid Mobile Apps Mobile application development is hard. It is made even harder by the fact that there are an overwhelming amount of devices that your application must support in order to cover one platform. A new iPhone device and multiple Android devices are being released every year. Throw in operating system […]

Don’t Be Greedy: 6 Tips for Better Regular Expressions

If you’re a programmer, you’ve no doubt been in this situation before: you’ve got to convert a bunch of data from one form to another.  Maybe you’ve got an enum that needs to processed with a switch statement (and you don’t have ReSharper to do it for you!), or maybe it’s static strings that need […]

Koa: The Internet’s Latest Warrior

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I think Node is big — it’s not just playing in a sandbox, but out there on the mean streets of the Internet, holding its own with ASP.NET, PHP, and Ruby on Rails.  But Node itself is just a small part of the puzzle […]

Language Throwdown, Part 1: JavaScript vs. PHP

This week, we consider two very important languages: JavaScript and PHP.  The purpose of this series is to look at new and important languages, and contrast them with established languages (especially languages they are designed to replace).  What’s interesting about this contest is that these two languages are the same age: they both had their first release in […]

Configuring Configurability in Mobile Apps

An interactive product, whether it is a website or mobile app, is built to meet a set of needs – the general goal of an interactive project is to design and build a solution to meet those needs at a minimized cost. And the engineer depends on a solid understanding of those needs when choosing […]

The Art of Obsolescence

Imagine you’re a marketing agency for a moment. Now quick: how many of your clients’ websites are based on obsolete technology? What about the three clients you just signed? Are you inheriting a mess? Are you burning the sites to the ground and replacing them with new technology? When will that technology be obsolete? What […]

Why is Enterprise Not Afraid of Node?: The Case for Node.JS

With the exception of companies like Google, large enterprise corporations tend to be very conservative about new technology.  So why doesn’t enterprise seem to be afraid of Node, a technology that’s only been around since 2009, and has only started to come into the spotlight in the last few years? The answer lies in the fact […]

How to Effectively QA a Responsive Website

QA in a Connected World The devices we use and the websites we build have gotten more and more complex over the years, which makes information readily available from wherever a person may be on whatever device they may be using. This is a good thing – we’re more connected than ever (maybe even too connected, […]

Quick and Dirty Shuffle: Best Practices for Programming Randomization

  If that headline doesn’t generate some interesting traffic, I don’t know what will…. I hate to disappoint you, but this post is not about dirty dancing. Have you ever needed to shuffle (randomize) a collection of items? Most people’s first take is something like this: [code lang=”csharp”] var things = new[]{ “One Fish”, “Two […]

The Problem with Email (and 5 Tools You Should Be Using Instead)

Don’t you think you should stop using email…so much? Let’s face it, the shine has worn off. “Say it ain’t so!” Recently, one of our designers shared with us an excellent article on giving quality feedback via email.  It’s a great read and I agree with everything it has to say except the part about email. Here […]

Formatting Dates to Make Excel Happy

You know what I love? CSV files. Now stop rolling your eyes and trying to come up with Luddite jokes. I like XML and JSON too, but you know what you can do with a CSV that you can’t do with XML and JSON? Append to a file! You can’t append to a XML or […]

Best Practices for Random Number Generation

Wither thou goest, pseudorandom number generator?  I recently implemented a site (The Rosey Awards) that had to support the ability to display entries in a random order.  The reasoning behind this was to give every entry a fair chance to show up on the first gallery page.  You can change the sort order, of course, […]

9 Qualities That Make a Good Programmer

“I am the 10%.” I was recently asked, “do 80% of programmers think they’re in the top 20% of good programmers?” I certainly think I’m in the top 20%.  Heck, I think I’m in the top 10%.  Putting aside my not-inconsiderable ego for a moment, though, it begs the question, “what makes a good programmer?” In […]

No Comment: Tips for Commenting Out Code

I could write a dozen blog posts on code commenting: habits, effectiveness, philosophies…there’s a lot to say on this topic. But today’s is going to be short and sweet. If you comment something out…tell me why. I look at other people’s code all day, and the one thing that drives me crazy more often than […]

7 Reasons to Use Vue.js

In the large pool of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, anyone could easily get lost in all the choices. Some frameworks have a lot of resources behind them, or hopeful hype that the framework will be the next great thing. At Pop Art, we took some time to evaluate a few potential choices for our project, BAM!, and decided that Vue.js fits […]

The Tower of (Techno) Babel

If modern programming had the equivalent of a Holy Bible, you might find something almost identical to Genesis 11:4-9, which tells the story of the Tower of Babel: humans sure were getting great things done when there was only one language. They aspired to build this nifty tower that was going to be so high, because…you […]

5 Reasons to Love Open Source and 1 Fair Warning

If you’re writing an application with Node.js, chances are you are using work completed by the many open source contributors who came before you. Node’s package manager (npm) helps you easily incorporate these libraries into your own project. In my work as a software developer at Pop Art, I’ve grown to appreciate npm for its […]

6 Great Talks from Node.js Interactive 2015

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Node.js Interactive this year. Put on by the Node.js Foundation, the vendor-neutral event covered everything from web development to tips for managing applications to future Internet of Things possibilities. Featuring speakers from companies including Intel, IBM, New Relic, Microsoft and many more, the two-day conference was […]