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Bite-size guide: Capturing Leads at Trade Shows & Making the Sale

Every sales and marketing professional knows the importance of capturing leads at trade shows in real time. While most organizations do some sort of data capture, 45% don’t track the progress of these leads through the sales cycle. Here’s the bigger problem: lead collection and following them through the sales cycle are two processes that go hand and hand. When you master both, the ROI from these activities significantly increases.

Here are a few tips for getting more leads at your next trade show exhibit.

Be Creative

One thing is clear to anyone that’s ever been on a trade show floor: there’s a lot to see. Why is this an important thing to consider when you’re focused on capturing leads at trade shows? You have to stand out. The way you design your booth and what you offer attendees can completely shift the success of your sales team.

So what can you offer to visitors to your exhibit both?

  • A lead capture app which is less obtrusive
  • Relevant materials on a mobile sales app with CRM integration
  • Custom surveys with gamification, e.g. a prize to be won


Get Personal

Show the people who visit your booth more than what you can do. Instead, show them what you can do for them. Say, a custom calculator reflecting something of importance to them. Perhaps it’s an ROI calculator, TCO calculator, or finance calculator. No matter what the form of output from the calculator, you can leverage data that not only informs the customer but sells your product for you. 

Personal, relevant information quickly and easily demonstrates value to business buyers.


Collect Information

Once you’re able to identify great leads, get their information. Of course, you want to note names and email addresses but you can also go one step further. Take down specific information about their needs. This will help your sales team seal the deal when they contact leads after the trade show.

Now that we’ve covered capturing leads at trade shows, let’s talk about how to make the sale.

Have a Follow Up Strategy

44% of salespeople  give up after one follow up. Don’t let your sales team fall into that statistic. While some leads may be ready right away (more on this below), others will need more time and information before they buy. If you go into this process with the mindset the follow up is a big part of the sale, you will see more success. Go beyond sending that one email after the show by developing a follow-up strategy.


Prioritize Your Leads

Earlier in this blog, we covered how important it is to show interest in what you can do for a potential lead. Holding on to that attitude can play a huge role in finally making the sale. Remember, these leads had the chance to interact with your organization in person. The sales process that follows should feel just as authentic when possible.

Wrapping Up

In an ever-changing digital world, trade shows still provide a powerful and unique marketing opportunity. Are you ready to start capturing leads at trade shows and turning those leads into sales? BAM! can help. Learn more about our mobile sales tool and how it can empower your sales team. For more insights from us, keep exploring our blog.