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B2B Commerce for Distributors – Web vs. Mobile App

The mobile apps and the mobile optimized web presence both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, for distributors in the B2B commerce arena, the mobile app meets the need better than a web presence that is mobile optimized. The web garners more organic traffic and is ideal for product research and availability, while a mobile app is more ideal for a scaled, personalized e-commerce experience. BAM! gives you a distributor mobile app that helps you properly manage the published content of your company and how it is sent to your team.

In the last few years, sales of mobile apps have exceeded those of e-commerce on the web. Well over half of web traffic now occurs on mobile.

Mobile Apps for Distributors

B2B customers are buying more through mobile apps because the transaction process is seamless, easy, and personalized. Speed, convenience, and data storage are important factors encouraging the use of these apps. Web services simply cannot complete with how native mobile apps perform in this regard. They minimize or eliminate logins, operate seamlessly with the device, respond faster, and offer better security for data and payments.

The mobile web experience has been improving ever since their initial introduction to the market. This includes improved hardware and faster network speeds. Compared to a web presence, a distributor mobile app is superior across various metrics. Not only do they deliver a faster and more convenient experience for the user, they also facilitate better sales conversion and provide tools for powerful, data-based marketing.

With the ever-increasing enhancements in the world of mobile apps, the idea of relying on a web presence to get the convenience and performance desired simply won’t be satisfactory. Web browsers place too many constraints on websites, limiting their speed, flexibility, and overall performance. Distributors need mobile apps that provide the ease-of-use and quick functionality that ultimately results in more efficient marketing and greater sales volume.

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