How to Increase Dealer Engagement Part 1 – Brand and Dealer Alignment

“2020 is the year of the distributor, the year of the dealer, the year of engagement.”  – ancient Chinese Proverb  The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.  And we certainly face some unusual challenges and uncertainties this year.  One set that persists for equipment manufacturers is how to engage their dealers. How to increase […]

Stay Ahead of the Competition – 4 Key Metrics for Dealer Sales Enablement

Manufacturers want to leave their competition in the dust.  To make that happen requires gaining market share. More sales. Growth in your dealer network, gains in its effectiveness. Based on our direct experience working with manufacturers and building sales tools to enable their dealer channel, we have dialed in four metrics that can help you […]

What is a Mobile Sales Tool?

Plenty of companies are throwing around terms like “mobile sales tool” and “mobile sales app” like everyone has a shared definition of these terms.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a common, shared definition. Let’s fix that.   What is a mobile sales tool? For many years, the tools of a sales person were things like: Rolodex  Phone […]