Koa: The Internet’s Latest Warrior

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I think Node is big — it’s not just playing in a sandbox, but out there on the mean streets of the Internet, holding its own with ASP.NET, PHP, and Ruby on Rails.  But Node itself is just a small part of the puzzle […]

Virtual Interactivity and Dunbar’s Number

In interactive marketing, it is vital not only that your company’s message reaches its intended audience, but truly engages it as well. Recently, I came across a New Yorker article entitled “The Limits of Friendship,” by Maria Konnikova. In short, the article suggests that in an age influenced by rapidly expanding social media, we as […]

Language Throwdown, Part 1: JavaScript vs. PHP

This week, we consider two very important languages: JavaScript and PHP.  The purpose of this series is to look at new and important languages, and contrast them with established languages (especially languages they are designed to replace).  What’s interesting about this contest is that these two languages are the same age: they both had their first release in […]

Pizza Hut and The Selfie-Stick Agenda

I eat Pizza Hut more often than any self-respecting New Seasons customer has the right to. Not because Pizza Hut is particularly good (though one could argue any food item based on the principle that melted cheese is delicious is always some level of good), but because it is fast and cheap, and thus allows […]

Configuring Configurability in Mobile Apps

An interactive product, whether it is a website or mobile app, is built to meet a set of needs – the general goal of an interactive project is to design and build a solution to meet those needs at a minimized cost. And the engineer depends on a solid understanding of those needs when choosing […]

The Art of Obsolescence

Imagine you’re a marketing agency for a moment. Now quick: how many of your clients’ websites are based on obsolete technology? What about the three clients you just signed? Are you inheriting a mess? Are you burning the sites to the ground and replacing them with new technology? When will that technology be obsolete? What […]

Good UX is Good SEO

Search engine updates over the past five years have made finding high quality information easier and faster than ever before; but as the search engines continue to evolve, so must your website. Depending on what the purpose of your website is, ranking highly in search engine results is somewhere between moderately important and absolutely vital […]

Why is Enterprise Not Afraid of Node?: The Case for Node.JS

With the exception of companies like Google, large enterprise corporations tend to be very conservative about new technology.  So why doesn’t enterprise seem to be afraid of Node, a technology that’s only been around since 2009, and has only started to come into the spotlight in the last few years? The answer lies in the fact […]

How to Effectively QA a Responsive Website

QA in a Connected World The devices we use and the websites we build have gotten more and more complex over the years, which makes information readily available from wherever a person may be on whatever device they may be using. This is a good thing – we’re more connected than ever (maybe even too connected, […]

6 More Great Examples of Brands Leveraging User-Generated Content

It’s well-established that user-generated content (UGC) is among the most effective ways to reach today’s customers. Compared with all other types of media, UGC is considered 50% more trustworthy, 35% more memorable, and 20% more influential on purchase. Previous post: 4 Great Examples of Brands Leveraging User-Generated Content >  As UGC continues to catch on, marketing […]

4 Best Practices for Sales Enablement Content

Creating one piece of sales collateral should not be too much of a problem, but what about 100 unique assets? 1,000? How do you ensure consistency of collateral for a product line that changes every quarter? Content creation is an important component of sales support and needs to be addressed as an ongoing project motivated […]